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My love of photography grew out of a desire to have beautiful photos of my own children, starting when my firstborn was only a few months old. The more I read and learned and experimented, the more I discovered what a passionate force photography was becoming in my life.

I tend to prefer a very casual approach to my portraits. Rather than doing a lot of forced poses, I'’d much prefer to let kids be kids, let families interact the way they usually do, and shoot whatever happens. I have found that this allows me to capture true personalities and relationships in all their uniqueness and beauty, which is my primary goal. Following a child around a playground is an amazing source of fabulous portraits, and I am more than happy to photograph in your home or backyard, on location, or in my studio. The more comfortable a child is with their surroundings, the better the expressions and natural joy I'’ll be able to capture.

Kids will be kids, no matter what you do, and my session times are flexible to accommodate breaks, snacks, playtime, and even a catnap if needed. I try to schedule shoots at times that are best for your child/children -- when they're rested, fed, and most likely to be willing to play with me and my camera.

I typically shoot digital, as it gives me the option of keeping any image in colour or converting it to black and white, and lends me more creative control over the final photograph. It also allows me to create truly one-of-a-kind digital art pieces out of your images. However, I am happy to shoot film on request.

Most of all, I want these sessions to be fun! I love what I do, I love kids and families, and I want to share that joy and passion with your family by creating beautiful portraits and memories that will last you a lifetime.

- Michelle

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